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Recent Projects


First Baptist’s College and Twenty-Something ministry allowed us to craft their web presence.

Natasha Estes

Had a fun night shooting with Natasha around Greenville, SC

Provence Wedding

We teamed up with Lee Smith and Laura Blanco to shoot the Provence wedding at a beautiful venue that none of us knew existed.


We're in the business of bringing great ideas to life.
We do great work.

Just ask our moms.

We are dedicated to helping our fellow nerds, their parents, grandparents, friends, that guy that lives a floor down, and anyone else craft their ideas and get them out in front of their audience.

Sidestreet has seen a lot of technology fads come and go, and yes, we use them too. We will use whatever means are at our disposal to reach your audience. Locally, globally, and anywhere between. It’s what drives us to be the best fit for your project and budget.

Today we have clients in most of the east coast states, Canada, the United Kingdom, and (hopefully) where you live. :) Fill out the form below and let’s dream something up!

Some of our in-house specialities are listed to the right with an average percentage of existing projects that fit into the respective category, but don’t hesitate to get in touch and see what we can do!

  • Digital Services

    Sidestreet digital services include custom web design, pre-packaged hosting, custom hosting, social media management, existing site upkeep, online ad placement and campaign management.

  • Photography

    Our photography services include an emmy-nominated photographer shooting your wedding, party, event, headshot, whatever and the post-production to get the best possible image.

  • Live Event Production

    Live event services include arranging audio/visual systems, speakers, bands, meeting spaces, and the man power to run it.


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