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Improve global application availability and performance using the AWS global network

Sidestreet is happy to provide AWS’ Global Accelerator to our clients to enable best in class site speeds.

AWS Global Accelerator is a networking service that improves the performance of your users’ traffic by up to 60% using Amazon Web Services’ global network infrastructure. When the internet is congested, AWS Global Accelerator optimizes the path to your application to keep packet loss, jitter, and latency consistently low.

With Global Accelerator, you are provided two global static public IPs that act as a fixed entry point to your application, improving availability. On the back end, add or remove your AWS application endpoints, such as Application Load Balancers, Network Load Balancers, EC2 Instances, and Elastic IPs without making user-facing changes. Global Accelerator automatically re-routes your traffic to your nearest healthy available endpoint to mitigate endpoint failure.

Improving latency and availability for single region applications

AWS Global Accelerator helps bridge the gap between single and multiple Region deployments by improving the network routing for local and global user traffic. If traffic to your application’s single Region is left on the public internet, it can be negatively impacted by internet congestion and local outages. Using Global Accelerator, your users’ traffic is moved off the internet and onto Amazon’s private global network through 90+ global edge locations, then directed to your application origins. AWS Global Accelerator is quick to setup and increases traffic performance by up to 60%.

Simplified and resilient traffic routing for multi-Region applications

As your application architecture grows, so does the complexity, with longer user facing IP lists and more nuanced traffic routing logic. AWS Global Accelerator solves for this by providing you with two static IPs that are anycast from our globally distributed edge locations, giving you a single entry point to your application, regardless of how many AWS Regions it’s deployed in. This allows you to add or remove origins, Availably Zones or Regions without reducing your application availability. Your traffic routing is managed manually, or in console with endpoint traffic dials and weights. If your application endpoint has a failure or availability issue, AWS Global Accelerator will automatically redirect your new connections to a healthy endpoint within seconds. 

Accelerated and simplified storage for multi-Region applications

Amazon S3 Multi-Region Access Points accelerate performance by up to 60% when accessing data sets that are replicated across multiple AWS Regions. Based on AWS Global Accelerator, S3 Multi-Region Access Points consider factors like network congestion and the location of the requesting application to dynamically route your requests over the AWS network to the lowest latency copy of your data. This automatic routing allows you to take advantage of the global infrastructure of AWS while maintaining a simple application architecture.

Enhanced network performance for gaming

Growing and maintaining your online multiplayer gaming community requires a smooth and competitive gaming experience. Using AWS Global Accelerator enhances your players’ online experience by routing player traffic along the private AWS global network, reducing in-game latency, jitter, and packet loss. Acceleration is supported for the UDP protocol traffic used by popular engines, such as Amazon Lumberyard, Unity, and Unreal Engine. AWS edge locations can ingress and route player traffic to game servers in any of the 20 AWS Global Accelerator supported Regions that AWS Global Accelerator supports, providing faster load times and a more consistent in-game experience. Handle your large traffic spikes, such as game launches and in-game events, without interrupting service on the highly available AWS global network.

Running communication as a service and voice over IP on AWS

AWS Global Accelerator improves your real-time communications (RTCs) by decreasing call setup time, while increasing call success rate and quality. In the telecommunication industry, you provide latency-sensitive RTC for applications including Voice over IP and video conferencing across a variety of devices. To support this, using Global Accelerator allows you to run application protocols, such as Session Initiation, Real Time and WebRTC along the AWS network. Connect directly to your Session Border Controller to reduce the number of network dependencies and hops. This stabilizes your RTC caller traffic during peak internet hours and call traffic spikes.

Accelerate latency-sensitive applications

Your network latency is driven by the number of networks your user data needs to hop and the bandwidth available along the path to your AWS application endpoints. These network variables create opportunities for internet congestion to delay connections and lose data. AWS Global Accelerator combines advanced networking features with the dedicated AWS Global Network to improve your application network performance by up to 60%. TCP connections are terminated at the AWS Edge location closest to your users, instead of at your endpoint, accelerating data transfers globally. Once on the AWS network, automated routing directs your user traffic to the most performant AWS endpoints in Regions and/or Availability Zones. For UDP workloads, the AWS network provides the global capacity needed to avoid packet loss and jitter during traffic spikes.

Improve resiliency and availability

You need to build your architecture with resiliency and availability in mind. This can mean running your application in a single AWS Region across multiple Availability Zones or across multiple AWS Regions. Wherever you route your traffic on the AWS network, with Global Accelerator, failover between application endpoints happens automatically and within seconds. If Global Accelerator detects a failure of your application endpoint it instantly triggers traffic re-routing to the next available, closest endpoint in another AZ or AWS Region. Your users are redirected without needing new IP addresses or updates to their DNS cache.

Simplified global traffic management

As your application grows, the number of endpoints and IP addresses that you need to manage increases and becomes burdensome. As you update your application, to add or remove endpoints, you risk lowering availability of your application due to firewalls, hardcoded devices and allow-lists not having the latest information. AWS Global Accelerator simplifies global traffic management by providing 2 static anycast IP addresses that only need to be configured by users once. Behind these IP address you can add or remove AWS origins, opening up uses such as endpoint failover, scaling, or testing without any user-side changes. For A/B testing or blue green deployment, use traffic dials or endpoint weights to customize how much traffic is going to each endpoint. You can also bring your own IP addresses (BYOIP) to AWS Global Accelerator or use static IP addresses from the Amazon IP address pool.

Protect your applications

Exposing your application built on AWS, through services such as Application Load Balancers or EC2 instances, to public internet traffic creates an opportunity for malicious attack. AWS Global accelerator decreases the risk of attack by masking your application behind two static entry points. These entry points are protected by default from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks with AWS Shield. AWS Global Accelerator creates a peering connection with your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud using private IP addresses, keeping connections to your internal Application Load Balancer or private EC2 instance off the public internet.

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