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Managed Business Technology means premier IT support at a fixed monthly price. This eliminates fluctuating costs, reduces downtime and allows IT teams to shift the focus from fighting fires to preventing them altogether.

Do you find yourself dreading the next impending system crash or crippling loss of data?

Are your systems suffering because you’re too busy fighting fires to optimize performance?

Are you playing the odds with system security, and not sure where you really stand?

We’ve seen firsthand how the unreliability of low-cost IT solutions impacts businesses like yours, crippling their productivity and burdening them with unpredictable costs.

You deserve an IT team you can count on.

Our Managed Business Tech Solutions include…


Your company’s network, computers, and files are the lifeline of your business, and you need to trust them to the best. Sidestreet only hires tier-II and above IT professionals that have the skills and background to provide the highest level of services and support available in the Carolinas and beyond.


Network compromises are no longer the things of movies. Every day you read about companies being hacked, and you wonder if you are next. At Sidestreet Technology, we leverage industry best practices for security policies and regulatory compliance and select best-in-class security products to minimize risk.


If you have ever had problems with your computer, printer, or server, you know first-hand the need for an IT service desk. As a top locally managed IT service company in South Carolina, we have dedicated IT professionals ready to help support your business at a moment’s notice.


If your company falls under HIPAA or other regulations, compliance is a top priority. The last thing you want to do is violate guidelines and regulations. That is why we created Managed Compliance as a packaged service setting you on the path towards full compliance.


Sidestreet offers a variety of hosted solutions tailored to the unique needs of the emerging enterprise. Our engineering team specializes in the design and deployment of high-performance, resilient, and scalable mass storage solutions for production or backup systems.


Ransomware became a billion-dollar industry in 2016, and it is continuing to grow. Unfortunately, hackers are attacking large and small businesses alike. Are you protected? We give you the tools and resources to be confident your company’s name doesn’t end up as a ransomware victim.

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