Introducing “This Is My Tape”

A new service for journalists, “This Is My Tape” provides hosting for the journalist looking to advance in their career.

Once you sign up, you are provided with an address that you can email to prospective new employers that includes video samples of your work as well as your text resume and contact information for you or your agent in a simple, modern well designed page that will load quickly on any internet connection.

This is a soft launch so we are looking for journalists looking to move up to offer 50% off setup and hosting to help us get this off the ground.

Doesn’t an agent offer this service?  Sure… but they also take 7%+ of your contract.  We take a monthly fee.  That’s all.  No contract or cuts of any contract.  Find your job, give us a month’s notice and we part ways.  (Hopefully until the next time you’re looking to move up. 🙂 )

Fill out the form below and we will be in touch.  (And don’t worry, we won’t tell your current station or anyone in the same ownership group.)

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