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With Sidestreet Technology Managed IT Services, you get one support package that includes everything your business needs for your team to work from home, the office, and everywhere else.

Unlimited IT support and assistance, cloud email, documents, and collaboration with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 licenses thrown in; for one simple monthly payment per user.

Our experts manage technology with a big-picture approach. We look at your business as a whole and tie every objective to your IT system. To us, your business is an ecosystem. Each part works together to make the entire company function at peak performance.

The technology you use affects every aspect of your business. From operations to payroll, a good IT system is an essential element for success.

This service is ideal if you run a business or organization that has up to fifty employees and you need support with your IT – you should get in touch.

Our Partners

We are selective about who we partner with! We believe that solutions provided by us, but manufactured or developed by someone else, represent us just as much. It’s our reputation on the line so we will only provide best in class products and services.

Apple at Work – A Smart Investment

Apple products are intuitive to use, making it easy for business users to do more with less help, further reducing costs. This is why we recommend Apple products where we believe they are the best fit. This is why we pursued and joined the Apple Consultants Network, an exclusive network of Apple partners and solution providers.

According to a recent study, Mac users open 50 percent fewer support tickets, and each ticket costs 25 percent less to resolve. The same study found that, on a per device basis, Mac costs $628.31 less than comparable PCs when considering 3-year support and operational costs.

So now you can give your employees the tools that make them productive in a way that is cost-efficient for your business.

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