Some of the essentials…

SIDESTREET effectively runs in the cloud.

Everything from our file storage to bookkeeping is run in a browser.  The only exceptions being heavyweight apps like the Adobe suite.

Multiple people have asked how we run things, so in the interest of being open with you, our clients and potential clients here is our list of how we power some of our essential business services, known as the “upstream” providers.

Hosting-  This is a combination of services.  While we do have physical servers, the bulk of our hosting is run on Microsoft Azure.  We believe that Azure is the best combination of services.  (And it doesn’t seem to have the outage hashtags of “the other guys”)

Email-  Again, this is a combination of things.  For individual accounts and miscellaneous things, we run a Microsoft Exchange 2013 cluster.  But if a client is a nonprofit or has other needs, we help arrange Microsoft Office365, which brings us to…

Office In The Cloud-  Many of our clients are non-profit organizations, to which Microsoft very generously donates Office365 subscriptions that include 1TB of cloud storage and many of the standard features of the retail version.  You really can’t beat it.

Photo Storage and Website Acceleration-  Verizon Digital Media Services, formerly known as EdgeCast, provides the backbone that our network is delivered on.  (This blog post was securely delivered to you across their network.)  VDMS Object Storage also provides the storage that delivers the beautiful end results to our photography clients.  (Please check out some photo samples on our Facebook page, and be sure to give us a like while you’re there!)

We hope this post will give you some insight into how SIDESTREET operates and helps show that we don’t run out of a garage like some of our competition has claimed.  If you are interested in any of the above services, or anything else digital or production, reach out using the form to the right of this post  and let’s see what we can do!