Wedding Terms & Conditions

A first installment payment equal to 50% of package price is required in order to reserve Sidestreet Media’s (SS) services for the wedding date. A second installment equal to one-third the package price will be due 60 days prior to the wedding date. SS will not begin filming until this payment is received. The final balance will be due upon completion of the video. If the client cancels the production prior to the wedding date, the first and second payments will be refunded to the client only if SS can rebook the wedding date.

Deposit may be paid via check or any major credit card via the link found on Please include both parties name in the memo field.

The client is solely responsible for securing permission from the site owner/operator for use of the production site as well as authority for SS to set up all necessary production equipment. It is understood that the quality of the production is dependent upon adequate lighting, camera/microphone positions and other conditions not under the control of SS.

SS is not responsible for poor audio if the groom does not agree to wear a lapel microphone, dark or grainy video resulting from inadequate lighting or the refusal of the client to allow supplemental lighting at the reception, or electrical or mechanical malfunctions on location that are beyond our control.

The agreement of the service to perform is subject to proven detention by sudden illness, accidents, acts of God, or any other legitimate condition beyond the control of SS. Every reasonable attempt will be made to secure a backup videographer in such an unlikely event. Refunds due to these circumstances will be on a case-by-case basis at SS discretion.

SS will establish an arrival time for the wedding date with the client prior to that date and remain on duty for the number of hours included in the package. Coverage hours included in the package are for the wedding date only and must be consecutive. This block of time includes set-up and tear-down of equipment, transportation between venues and meal breaks.

SS reserves the right to discontinue filming in any situation (ex: rain, extreme temperatures, humidity, hazardous locations) that could put the safety of the videographer or equipment at risk.

Two cameras will be used to film the ceremony. The aesthetic quality of this video mix may vary depending upon the logistics of the wedding site and the permitted camera placement. One camera will be used at all other times.

Because SS is generally on the same schedule as the bride and groom, the client agrees to provide SS with a reasonable meal during the time that the bride and groom are served at the reception. If this meal is provided out of view of the reception activities, SS cannot guarantee that any events occurring during the videographer’s absence will be captured.

Any expenses incurred by SS not pertaining directly to the production of the video (ex: out-of-town accommodations, tux rental, parking, shipping, etc.) will be added to the client’s balance.

The completed video will be considered a finished product, and any additional requested revisions will be added to the client’s balance at the prorated rate of $40 per hour.

The original footage will remain the property of SS. The client gives SS permission to use this footage for marketing purposes.

Any special requests overriding the terms and conditions of this contract must be specified in the Wedding Production Worksheet during the final consultation prior to the wedding date.

Regarding Additions:

Rehearsal Coverage: If selected as an add-on, SS will attend the wedding rehearsal to videotape footage and examine the logistics of the ceremony as well as the site. The client recognizes that SS will not plan to videotape the entire rehearsal.

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage: If selected as an add-on, SS will attend the rehearsal dinner for no longer than two hours to videotape footage. Any time exceeding two hours will be added to the client’s balance at the prorated rate of $40.00 per hour. SS will notify the client when the two-hour time limit is nearly reached.

Additional Hour of Coverage: If selected as an add-on, SS will include the additional coverage time when establishing arrival and departure times with the client for the wedding date. Additional hours must be consecutive with the block of hours already included with the package.

Social Media Teaser: If selected as an add-on, SS will create a one-minute teaser for the client to share on social media. This teaser will usually be completed within one day of the wedding day, unless SS is traveling or booked for a full-day shoot the following day. In the latter case, this teaser will be completed on the next day that SS does not have a full-day shoot scheduled.

Photomontage: If selected as an add-on, a photomontage will be created for the video with a limit of three songs and a maximum of twelve photos per minute of music. Additional photos may be added for $2.00 per image, or additional songs may be added for $50.00 per song. Upon request, SS will provide a separate DVD of the photomontage to be shown during the wedding weekend at no additional charge. The client is responsible for verifying that the DVD is compatible with their venue’s equipment. Unless otherwise arranged, all photos must be provided by client in a standard digital format through the SS dropbox on

Raw Footage: Raw footage remains the property of SS. However, Client may request specific excerpts to be included on final delivered medium.