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Sidestreet Media started out as Joshua Kuhn’s side business 5thPixel Media in 2009. After working for several organizations, Joshua launched out on his own with a mission to provide the best possible digital media services to a variety of clients.

Some Past & Present Clients


5 Businesses That Benefit From Professional Photography

A picture is worth a thousands words! And this is certainly true for businesses too. A picture can answer many questions customers may have about your business, whether you’re using it in your published content or in your web design, pictures can be rather important in how engaging they can be. But for certain industries, […]

5 Tech Tips to Help Business Owners Manage Multiple Locations

Managing a business has many different responsibilities, especially if you are the business owner. As your business grows and expands, you may acquire or build multiple facilities which each will need to be managed as well. Listed below are 5 tips that will assist you in managing multiple locations as a business owner. Progress Reports […]

5 Ways to Optimize Office Operations

Office operations constitute an integral as well as essential part of an organization. In some cases, offices are tasked with facilitating a welcoming environment to guests, registration, billing, scheduling of activities as well as accurate documentation of records. Offices are used differently by firms. It is a joint agreement that the operations in an office […]

4 Tips For Making Your Store Front Window Photo-Perfect

Product displays are quite a bit more involved and complex than they might look. While the grocer or the department store floor manager might make it look easy to set up a great display, the truth is it takes practice and more than a little-specialized knowledge to make a display pop. This is especially true […]

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