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Specializing in digital-first live events, we capture the essence of your business and nonprofit gatherings with unparalleled creativity and precision. Our production services focus on transforming your events into captivating digital experiences, ensuring every participant, whether in-person or virtual, feels the energy and emotion of your brand. We’re not just filming an event; we’re creating a digital legacy that resonates with your audience. With Sidestreet, experience the power of moments turned into lasting digital memories, making every event an unforgettable journey.

Where Vision Meets Precision

Discover the essence of innovation with Sidestreet Media’s digital-first media services. We are your singular touchpoint for a spectrum of digital media production, seamlessly blending creativity with technology. Our focus? Metrics and results that elevate your messaging, performance, and profitability. Our secret? A team that’s a fusion of entrepreneurial spirit, creative genius, and analytical prowess. This unique blend culminates in a forward-thinking approach that empowers companies to illuminate their path to a brighter, more successful future.

In-Person Events

At Sidestreet, we believe in letting you focus on what you do best: managing the event and achieving your big-picture goals. Entrust us with your event production needs and experience the tranquility of seamless execution. Our expertise is vast, ranging from collaborating with meeting planners to speaking the intricate language of producers and technical directors. Let us take on the responsibilities that keep you up at night.

Hybrid & Virtual

In today's world, your audience expects not just an event, but a digital experience akin to television quality. The era of minimal budgets for maximum impact is over. At Sidestreet, we fuse our broadcast roots with cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional streaming solutions. Whether it's a single-camera church service or a high-profile live event, we ensure your story reaches the broadest audience with the highest quality. Our approach isn't just about streaming; it's about redefining the audience experience, bringing every moment to life with the brilliance and clarity it deserves.

Photography Services

We bring over 50 years of combined experience to capture the essence of your events. Our approach is unobtrusive, authentic, focusing on moments as they unfold, not just poses. Equipped with the latest technology, we ensure each image is a testament to quality and clarity. Elevate your event with our FAA licensed and insured drone photography, adept at navigating even restricted airspace.

What Can We Do?

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