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Supplier Code of Conduct (Summarized)

Labor and Human Rights: Sidestreet insists on respecting worker dignity, prohibiting forced and child labor, and ensuring fairness in employment practices. Suppliers must foster non-discriminatory, respectful workplaces.

Health and Safety: Worker well-being is paramount. Suppliers are expected to maintain safe work environments, conduct regular health audits, and provide safety training.

Environmental Responsibility: Suppliers must embrace sustainable practices, minimize environmental impacts, and comply with environmental regulations to align with Sidestreet’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Ethical Conduct: High standards in ethical behavior, transparent operations, intellectual property respect, and data privacy are essential for Sidestreet suppliers.

Harassment and Discrimination: Creating harassment-free, equitable workplaces is crucial. Suppliers should implement training, reporting procedures, and disciplinary actions to prevent and address harassment.

Management and Compliance Systems: Suppliers must have effective management systems for compliance, risk monitoring, performance improvement, and corrective actions in alignment with these principles.