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Custom Web Design And Hosting

At Sidestreet, we specialize in creating custom web designs and offering top-notch hosting solutions. We start with a personal consultation to fully understand your unique goals and requirements. Our team crafts a user-friendly design with an emphasis on UI/UX, coupled with content that’s optimized for social media and SEO. We ensure your website’s security and reliability with SSL certificates, server-wide firewalls, and nightly backups, all hosted on robust platforms like AWS and Oracle clouds. Our aim is to provide a seamless, high-performing online presence for your business.

Tailored Design, Secure Hosting, Unmatched Performance

At Sidestreet, we provide a blend of custom web design and diverse hosting options. Our services range from initial consultations and crafting user-friendly designs to offering various hosting solutions for all types of websites. We ensure security with SSL certificates, server-wide firewalls, and daily backups. Our hosting caters to everything from simple blogs to enterprise-level sites, each tailored to meet specific business needs and scalability requirements.

  • Hosting Built On The AWS And Oracle Clouds

    Our hosting services, built on the AWS and Oracle clouds, bring enhanced scalability, allowing seamless handling of traffic surges. We prioritize data security and integrity, ensuring your website's protection. The reliability and consistent uptime of AWS and Oracle guarantee your site's continuous accessibility, boosting user experience and building trust with your audience.

  • Nightly Backups

    Our nightly backups of all site data offer a crucial layer of protection. This practice ensures that in the event of any unforeseen issues, your website's data remains secure and recoverable, minimizing downtime and maintaining continuity of your online presence. These backups are an integral part of our commitment to safeguarding your digital assets. Alongside our nightly backups of all site data, we also offer up to hourly backups of live data. This ensures minimal data loss, providing an additional layer of security and reliability. These frequent backups are crucial for maintaining the integrity and continuity of your online presence, safeguarding against data loss and facilitating quick recovery in any situation.

  • Firewalls Capable of Mitigating Some of The Largest DDOS Attacks

    Utilizing Cloudflare's security products to protect our hosting infrastructure offers robust defense against cyber threats. Cloudflare's advanced security features safeguard against DDoS attacks, ensuring uninterrupted service. Their comprehensive security measures also protect against data breaches and other vulnerabilities, providing a secure hosting environment. This integration of Cloudflare enhances the overall security and performance of our hosting services, contributing to a safer and more reliable online experience for our clients.

  • Enterprise Domain Name Management Services

    Sidestreet offers expert domain name management services, focusing on consolidating and securing your online identity. Their web-based platform simplifies domain management, allowing easy ordering, renewal, and monitoring. They emphasize superior security, including IP validation and enterprise DNS services. Additionally, Sidestreet's team aids in developing SEO-optimized domain strategies to enhance your search engine rankings and online visibility. They provide world-class, dedicated support, including 24/7 emergency assistance, and additional services like trademark protection to secure your brand online.

Our Process



We’ll meet with you in-person or via Zoom to discuss your current site’s issues, your goals and how we can help you get there.


UI/UX Design

After the initial consultation, our team will craft an initial design for your approval. This is where you give us your requests for the “look.”


Content Development

Our team will migrate your existing content, optimizing it for social media and SEO while en route, or our copy writing team will develop new copy that is custom for your site.



Once your site is live, we hand over content management access to your team, but offer complete site management for an extra fee. Each site includes an SSL certificate, server-wide firewall, and daily backups for security and reliability.

Service Features

Customized Enterprise Web Hosting

Tailored hosting solutions

Scalable resources

SSL certificates and firewalls for security

Regular data backups

Email hosting and domain management options

Design Services

SSD Hosting For Top Site Speed

Packaged Sites Developed On a Custom Fork of WordPress

Custom Sites Developed From Scratch Using Popular Frameworks

Rich Media Assets Delivered Using Major CDNs Powered By AWS And Cloudflare

Available Features

Integration With Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or In-House Hosted Email

Popular CRMs like Hubspot, Salesforce, Copper and others supported

eCommerce Services Powered By WooCommerce, Integrated with Stripe, Square, and other popular merchant account providers

Check Out Our Work

Explore our showcase on Sidestreet’s website, featuring a selection of website designs that we refresh periodically. This collection is just a starting point, not a limit to our capabilities. For a website that truly fits your vision and needs, reach out through our contact page. Let’s start the conversation to create something uniquely yours.

C&M Custom Homes

C&M approached us with a completely non-functional website from their previous provider. We created a placeholder page for them while developing an "infinite scroll" single page site that showcases quality homes in a modern way.

The Hazel Pittman Center

The Hazel Pittman Center provides counseling services for residents of Chester county, South Carolina. The agency wanted a cost-effective way to introduce their services to their community. We were able to provide a clean, modern site that met their budget requirements.

Jarod Espy

Jarod wanted a way to showcase his music but also to provide charts, loops, and other resources for musicians and worship leaders using his music. The site was designed in Adobe Muse and all content is served through Amazon Web Services.

Wendell Lee Well Services

Wendell Lee is a staple in Spartanburg County going back almost 100 years. We are honored to provide their site and e-commerce services for their business.

Let's Start The Conversation

Ready to bring your project to life? Sidestreet is here to turn your ideas into reality. We invite you to start the conversation with us; it all begins with a no-pressure initial consultation. Use the form below to book your session. This is your opportunity to explore possibilities, ask questions, and outline your vision with our team.