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General Hosting Terms of Service

Introduction: These Terms represent a legally binding agreement between Sidestreet Operations Corporation (“Sidestreet”) and users of its services (“Customer” or “You”), affirming that the Customer has the authority to agree to these terms.

Usage and Content Responsibility: Sidestreet adheres to legal processes and does not proactively monitor user content. However, it reserves the right to remove illegal content, including but not limited to CSAM, pirated material, and hate speech, upon discovery, without refunding or compensating the user.

Maintenance and Service Agreements: Maintenance and updates are conducted during non-peak hours as per South Carolina local time. In emergency situations, prior notification of maintenance work might not be possible but we will do out best to provide notice.

Automatic Renewal: Services automatically renew at the end of each term at the current non-promotional rate, continuing indefinitely until the customer opts to cancel.

Chargebacks and Fees: Sidestreet may disable services in response to disputed charges. A $50 fee is applied for each rejected charge, which must be cleared before services can be restored.

Security Threats: Sidestreet maintains the right to disconnect any service deemed a security risk to its operations, other customers, or its network infrastructure.

Account Restrictions: Creating multiple accounts to circumvent restrictions or overage charges is not permitted and may lead to the termination of all services.

No Warranties: Sidestreet does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free service and disclaims liability for any damages, including data loss, resulting from service delays or interruptions.

Suggestions and Feedback: Customer suggestions and feedback may be used by Sidestreet for any purpose, including marketing, without obligation to the Customer.

Risk and Liability: Customers use Sidestreet’s services at their own risk. Sidestreet is not responsible for any service interruptions or errors.

Non-Disparagement Clause: Customers agree not to make disparaging or defamatory comments about Sidestreet, its services, employees, or affiliates, in any public domain, including social media platforms.

Exclusive Remedies: In case of any grievances, the Customer’s sole remedy is limited to the amount paid in the invoice period preceding the claim.

Governing Law: These Terms are subject to the laws of South Carolina.

Updated: December 2023